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6 June
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States
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1984, 5'8", almost famous, anerican history x, animal farm, anne rice stuff, backflips, bars, bios, boondock saints, brave new world, braveheart, buckets of nonfiction (history, buffy, bye bye love, capoeira, casino, celestine prophecy, cwg, dragonlance series, drinking, etc), favorite movies: moulin rouge, fight club, forest gump, freddy got fingered, gambling, godfather 1&2, going out, goodfellas, grease, green eyes, hablo español, hamlet, juggling, let's go to california, let's watch a movie, lord of the rings, mac & cheese, magic tricks, meet the parents, movies, my best friend's wedding, my cousin vinny, neon genesis, neverending story, ocean's 11, office space, princess bride, psychology, reasonably hot, reservior dogs, riki-oh, rounders, rpgs, sailor moon, shawshank redemption, simpsons, sno biz, snowboarding, spanish, sun, swingers, the 80s, the daily show, thin, tombstone, trampolines, trigger happy tv, vegetarian, vegetarian cuisine, vonnegut stuff, x-men 1&2
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